Beverlywood Street

The Beverlywood tract was developed on land once owned by José de Arnaz and later by Malibu’s Rindge family. In 1939, Rhoda Rindge Adamson sold 330 acres to an investment group tied in with über-developer Walter H. Leimert, the man behind City Terrace and (naturally) Leimert Park. Stealing the “Beverly” name from Beverly Hills, Leimert opened Beverlywood in 1940. As for this roadway, it was originally called Emmalee Street back in 1923. Five years later, and rather inexplicably, it adopted Adams Boulevard‘s name, although a tiny nubbin at the western terminus was called Carbee Place. The whole shebang became Beverlywood Street in 1956. Postscript: Locals may wonder why little bits of 24th and 25th streets lurk nearby, when there are no other ordinal streets in this neighborhood. In fact both were born with proper names: 24th Street was known as Kelson Avenue until 1934 and 25th Street was called – no lie – Henry Butt Avenue. For obvious reasons, residents wanted the latter renamed, so it was changed to Olga Avenue in August 1929 and then to 25th Street five months later.