Blackwelder Street

Charles Guy Blackwelder (1879-1974) was a salesman for realtor Carlin G. Smith in 1912, when Smith named this street on his Du Ray Place tract. Blackwelder, who often went by his middle name, was born and raised in Litchfield, IL, moved to Los Angeles  by 1906, worked in real estate and insurance, and was running a used car lot in 1917 when he married his first wife Agnes. The union lasted less than three years and he relocated his car business to Des Moines, IA. In 1932, Blackwelder was back in SoCal and had a son – Charles Guy Jr. – with his second(?) wife Jeanette. He was visiting Junior in Carmichael, CA when he passed away at 95. The rest of his long life is mostly unaccounted for.