Camerford Avenue

Misnamed for Comerford Whitehouse McLoughlin (1891-1945), grandson of Colegrove founder Cornelius Cole. (The street was christened in 1902; apparently Gramps didn’t know how the boy’s name was spelled.) As a lieutenant in World War I, the New York-raised McLoughlin helped command the all-black 369th Infantry – the “Harlem Hellfighters” – and received the Distinguished Service Cross for saving his men’s lives on the battlefield. He drilled for oil around San Antonio, TX during the 1930s and returned to service in Germany during WWII. It’s unclear how or where he died. See Gregory Avenue, named for Comerford’s brother, for more on the McLoughlin family, but since their sister Cornelia Beekman Rylee (1893-1938) doesn’t have a namesake street here, let’s take a moment to note that she was the first woman in California to obtain a pilot’s license.