Dalton Avenue

Real estate dealer Charles Victor Hall (1854-1933) opened a tract at Western and Jefferson in 1887 and christened this street in honor of his in-laws. Hall had married Josephine S. Dalton (1853-1944) in 1878; her father was George Dalton Sr. (1806-1892), a Londoner who came to California on the heels of his older brother Henry, famed owner of Rancho Azusa de Dalton. (See Azusa’s Dalton Avenue for more on him.) In truth, George Dalton first stepped foot in California in 1827 while working as a merchant sailor, but he didn’t immigrate to the U.S. until 1837 – and spent years in Pennsylvania and Ohio before arriving at Azusa c. 1851. By 1857, he owned 48 acres of vineyards and citrus orchards at present-day Central and Washington, which his son-in-law Hall also subdivided in 1887. Dalton briefly served as a city councilman in 1868. For some dirt on Charles and Josephine Hall, see Halldale Avenue.