Edgemont Street

The name itself is no conundrum: “Edgemont” is derived from “edge of the mountain” and refers to its location in the Hollywood foothills. But Edgemont was originally a short-lived farming settlement, established nearby back in 1886. (Edgemont Street was named by 1888.) While various individuals were associated with Edgemont, it appears the ringleaders were Reverend Elijah Cash (1840-1904) and his wife Emma (later Emma Cash Clapp, 1841-1947; yep, she lived to be 106). Elijah was Canadian; Emma was born in England but raised in Canada. They came to Los Angeles in 1884. Two years later, they had a 20 acre citrus ranch at present-day Los Feliz and Commonwealth while Elijah ran the Edgemont Church of Christ at present-day Vermont and Ambrose. By 1891, however, the Cashes had given up on Edgemont and were living in Silver Lake.