Graysby Avenue

The hills above West Hollywood have their Bird Streets. San Pedro has its Fish Streets. In 1953, developer Fred Marlow (see Marburn Ave.) had purchased 475 acres of the White Point area that once belonged to the SepĂșlvedas. He soon turned half of it into a residential tract called SouthShores and asked L.A. civil engineers to give the streets a school of fishy names to honor San Pedro’s piscary legacy. In order to prevent duplication with existing L.A. streets, some of these species will be unfamiliar to the casual seafood eater. In alphabetical order, they are: Abalone Ave., Anabas Ave., Anchovy Ave., Bowfin Ave., Graysby Ave., Gunnell Ave., Gurnard Ave., Mantis Ave. (presumably for the mantis shrimp), Moray Ave., Mulldae Ave. (a misspelling of mullidae, or red mullet), Perch St., Robalo Ave., Shad Pl., Spearing Ave., Stargazer Ave., and Warmouth St.