Greenleaf Street

Dickens, Benefit, and Greenleaf streets were all named in December 1922 on the 1,100 acre Cahuenga Park tract, owned and subdivided by Thomas Bundy and C.C. Albright. (Cahuenga Park would be folded into another big Bundy & Albright project: Sherman Oaks.) Sutton Street, also named on this tract, surely honors Bundy’s then-wife, tennis champion May Sutton, which suggests that other Cahuenga Park street names had personal relevance to Bundy and/or Albright. Unfortunately I found no connections, so Dickens may simply be for English author Charles Dickens (1812-1870), Benefit is a common American street name with origins in Providence, RI, and Greenleaf might allude to any one of a number of early Americans or else it’s just a generic arboreal reference.