Albright Avenue

Named in 1923 on a subdivision called, not coincidentally, “Albright”. The namesake for both: realtor Charles Chesley “C.C.” Albright (1888-1932), who developed this new “city” with Harry Culver. Albright was born in southwest Washington and worked as a newspaper reporter in Honolulu and Portland, OR before coming to Redlands in 1911 to get into real estate. He and his wife Florence settled in Los Angeles the following year and had two children. By 1920, the Albrights were buddy-buddy with tennis champs Thomas Bundy and May Sutton. Bundy, also a realtor, would partner with Albright on a number of major subdivisions, most significantly in the San Fernando Valley: they bought 1,100 acres from Moses Hazeltine Sherman in 1922 and opened it as “Cahuenga Park”, then bought 1,000 more in 1927 and dubbed it “Sherman Oaks”, as per Sherman’s request. Albright was also involved in the development of Studio City. In a macabre coincidence, C.C. Albright and M.H. Sherman died on the exact same day: Sherman from illness, Albright after bring struck by an automobile.