Sutton Street

Almost certainly named for tennis champion May Sutton Bundy (1886-1975) as her then-husband and fellow court star Thomas Bundy (1881-1945) co-owned this 1922 tract, dubbed Cahuenga Park. (Bundy and his partner C.C. Albright would soon develop the adjacent land as Sherman Oaks.) Born in Plymouth, England, May Godfrey Sutton came to Pasadena with her family around 1892. One of four Sutton sisters to excel at tennis, she was playing local championships at the age of twelve. It wouldn’t be long before she was considered the best women’s tennis player in the country, winning singles and doubles at the 1904 U.S. Open, then singles at Wimbledon in 1905 – the first American to do so – and in 1907. She married Bundy in 1912 and stepped off the court to raise their kids (including Dorothy “Dodo” Bundy Cheney (1916-2014), a tennis icon in her own right) but returned to the game in her mid-thirties: she was a Wimbledon quarter-finalist at 42. Tom Bundy split from his famous wife in 1923; the couple finally divorced seventeen years later.