Lemoli Avenue

In December 1934, the L.A. City Planning Commission decided to tweak a few street names in Lennox in order to “efficiently” connect streets in the neighboring cities of Inglewood and Hawthorne. And thus we have Frankenstreets like Firmona Avenue, between Inglewood’s Fir Avenue and Hawthorne’s Ramona Avenue (Fir + Ramona = “Firmona”, get it?); Dalerose Avenue, between Hawthorne’s Gale and Inglewood’s Rosewood (the portmanteau was designed as “Galerose”, but they went with a different spelling); Lemoli Avenue, designed to connect the now-defunct Lemon and Olive streets; and Cerise Avenue, an extension of Inglewood’s Cherry Street (cerise is French for “cherry”). Further south, the city of Lawndale has both Ramona and Firmona avenues.