McClung Drive

This 1928 street was laid out in the second phase of Leimert Park’s development. I’m not 100% sure of its namesake, but it’s most likely Stanley Frederick McClung (1877-1955). A Canadian-born insurance executive who came to L.A. around 1895, McClung and his wife Sue were known to socialize with Walter and Lucille Leimert. Moreover, McClung’s sister was married to an even bigger insurance man: McClung’s business partner George I. Cochran, who was definitely close to the Leimerts. Did I say McClung’s sister? I meant McClung’s sisters, as the first Mrs. Cochran was Alice Maud McClung (1864-1905) and the second was Isabelle May McClung (1884-1970), who married Cochran two years after the untimely death of her much older sibling. Life is strange.