Plummer Street

The former Neff Street was rechristened in 1917 to honor John (1893-1977) and Mollie (1891-1975) Plummer, who as newlyweds had moved to the rural SFV four years earlier and set up a 40 acre homestead. Indeed, they lived on their eponymous street (near Aqueduct Ave.) and maintained a walnut grove there until the 1950s. John Louis Plummer Jr. was a high school teacher with deep California roots: paternal grandparents John and Cecilia Plummer had owned part of Rancho La Brea (West Hollywood’s Plummer Park sits on their son Eugene’s old ranch); maternal grandfather Henry Dalton had an immense chunk of land that became the city of Azusa, where our John was born; maternal grandmother Guadalupe Zamorano was a descendant of Luis Antonio Argüello, a governor of Mexican-era California. Mollie, born Mary Mildred Churchill in Kalispell, MT, moved to L.A. with her family in 1909. The couple had four kids – one of whom, Betty, drowned in Lake Arrowhead in 1935 when she was just fifteen. Apart from this tragedy, the Plummers led by all accounts a happy life.