Rigali Avenue

Albert Joseph Rigali (1882-1939) came from a large family in Holyoke, MA; his father was an Italian immigrant who ran a fruit market. Rigali became a bond and securities broker as a young man, but in 1905 joined his older brother Louis (1880-1944) in a mining venture in Goldfield, NV. They were in Los Angeles by 1910, when they cofounded Pacific Home Builders, a construction business, with Allen Boyce (whom they’d met in Nevada) and Stephen Veselich. Rigali married the Fresno-born Florence Marie Calderwood (1891-1929) in 1915 and would have seven children with her. In 1920, he and Veselich struck out on their own, first selling bonds, then real estate. They christened Rigali and Veselich avenues in 1922. Rigali had a tough week in November 1929: Florence died (of peritonitis) just five days after his father. He raised the kids with help from Florence’s aunt until he himself was felled by rectal cancer; the kids then raised themselves