Veselich Avenue

Stephen Peter Veselich (1888-1980) was born outside of Dubrovnik, Croatia. He and his older brother Martin immigrated to Los Angeles in their early teens; it appears other male family members were already here. Whereas Martin became a restaurateur – he, and later his son, ran DTLA restaurant Marty’s from 1932 until 1998 – Stephen got into contracting, forming Pacific Home Builders in 1910 with Allen E. Boyce and Albert J. Rigali. Boyce named a nearby street for himself in 1913. Rigali and Veselich established their own realty firm in 1920 and gave themselves namesake streets here in 1922. Veselich, his wife Violet (1888-1967), and their daughter Stephanie ultimately settled in Altadena; a second daughter, Joan, died in childhood from strep throat(!). Along with his building and realty companies, Veselich later got into oil, banks, and other investments.