Whipple Street

Named in 1923, Whipple Street allegedly honors Willis Henry Whipple (1846-1925), a flour miller who lived nearby. Born in Clarendon, NY, Whipple was raised by his grandparents after his mother (and presumably his father) died. He had moved to central Michigan by 1870, the year he married Josephine Sweet. She and their baby daughter Estella both passed away in 1872; the following year, Whipple married Abigail “Abby” Smith (1841-1901). Curiously, their daughter Josephine a.k.a. “Josie” (1874-1927) was named in memory of the first Mrs. Whipple. Willis and Josie, a milliner who would never marry, came to Los Angeles around 1904 and settled in the Pico-Union neighborhood. They removed themselves to Laurel Canyon around 1913 and settled near Lankershim and Ventura by 1922. Note that I’m not totally convinced that Willis Whipple is this street’s namesake: its original 1923 layout, later coopted into Woodbridge Street, was 3 miles west of here.