Waterloo Street

It’s not named for the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, the site of Napoleon’s great defeat, but most likely for Waterloo, Iowa – and why Iowans picked that name for their city is beyond me. Anyway, the Waterloo tract was opened here in 1887 by the Hubbard brothers: Edward S. (1860-1927) and William E. (1861-1940). They had previously lived in Cedar Falls, Iowa – just a stone’s throw from Waterloo – and had come out to Los Angeles for the big real estate boom. (They were reportedly physicians before that.) Their father Solomon had settled here a few years earlier and opened the nearby Marathon tract. He most likely gave his sons his own land to subdivide: today’s Coronado Terrace was called Hubbard Street back then. The brothers left L.A. for Salt Lake City in 1890 and became big real estate players out there. Edward suffered a stroke in 1907 and returned to Hollywood to recuperate. He stayed there for the rest of his life, wheelchair-bound but productive.