Mayberry Street

The original Mayberry Street, named in 1891, was a totally different road that ran between Reservoir and Effie; it was absorbed by Mohawk Street in 1905. Six years after that, a separate road called Angelica Avenue became the Mayberry Street you know and love. Not confusing enough? Then get this: two of the landowners who christened this “brand new” Mayberry Street in 1911 were half-brothers Harry H. Mayberry (1867-1920) and Edward L. Mayberry Jr. (1871-1957). Coincidence? Or had their father owned this land all along? It’s unclear. At any rate, the aforementioned father, Edward Leodore Mayberry (1834-1902), was a Maine-born Civil War veteran who came to San Francisco in 1869 and became a prominent architect and developer. In 1878, he and his family moved to Alhambra, buying the nearby El Molino ranch three years later. That land was ultimately sold to Henry Huntington in 1903. (Quoth Huntington: “We have bought the Mayberry ranch without exactly knowing why.”) Mayberry Sr. was also known for cofounding the town of Hemet in Riverside County.