Cory Avenue

Named for Nathan and Gertrude Cory on a 1923 tract they co-owned. Nathan Thomas Cory (1861-1928) was born in Indiana and grew up in an itinerant farming family. As an adult, he lived in Aberdeen, WA and reportedly struck it semi-rich in the Nome Gold Rush. He married his first wife Laura in early 1900 but months later she dumped him for a married man in Portland. He then made his way down to Oakland, where in 1902 he wed Jane Gertrude Shoemaker (1867-1926), a Reno native who had come to NorCal to be a schoolteacher. The couple had three children – the last born in 1909 – and Nathan made a name for himself as a house builder. The Corys relocated to L.A. by 1912 and lived in Florence-Graham until moving up to Genesee near Sunset four years later; Nathan constructed no fewer than eleven homes in the surrounding Spaulding Square neighborhood. The Corys’ youngest daughter Jean Cory Beall (1909-1978) would later become an accomplished artist.