Forbes Avenue

Named for Agustin Henry “Gussy” Forbes (c. 1867-1909). Some background: In 1879, 19-year-old Matilda Bojorquez (1860-1891) married 70-year-old Juan Matias Sanchez (1808-1885), who once owned over 3,000 acres of land here. He gifted his last 200 acres to his young bride in 1882. After Juan’s death, Matilda sold half the land to Frederick Hall and Charles Henry Forbes, then married Forbes’s son Gussy in early 1889. In the “L.A. Is a Small Town” department, Gussy’s maternal grandfather was Judge Agustin Olvera, of Olvera Street fame. Matilda died while giving birth to twins, who also died. Gussy remarried – twice – but also came to an early end, of unknown causes. Upon hearing that his little brother Gussy was gravely ill, Charles D. Forbes had a heart attack and died just hours before Gussy did. It was a double funeral.