Wildomar Street

Wildomar, a small town near Lake Elsinore, was founded in 1886 by William Collier (1845-1928), Donald M. Graham (1848-1890), and Margaret Collier Graham (1850-1910), and its name borrowed the first letters of their own: Wil, DoMar. Margaret, a short story writer who was William’s sister and Donald’s wife, also named Elsinore itself. What do these people have to do with Pacific Palisades? Nothing! My guess is that this street was dubbed Wildomar in 1926 because it paired well with nearby Arbramar Avenue, whose name is relevant to the Palisades. Not only that, but “Wildomar” had recently been freed up as a street name; up until 1924, the portion of Highland Avenue south of Wilshire was called Wildomar Avenue.