Carpenter Avenue

Carpenter Avenue started out as Carpenter Street on a 1922 tract co-owned by Hugh and Lizzie Carpenter just south of Ventura Blvd. Hugh Milton Carpenter (1864-1947) was a Decatur, IL boy who settled in Banning, CA by 1885. There he served as a sheriff’s deputy and ran a barley wholesale business with Charles D. Hamilton. In 1893, Carpenter married Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hampson (1870-1933), a native Pennsylvanian; they moved to Los Angeles with daughters Susie and Betty c. 1906. Although Hugh identified as a “farmer” in the 1910 and 1920 censuses, he was making it big as a subdivider: the Carpenters owned a good chunk of the foothills southeast of Ventura and Laurel Canyon boulevards with their old Banning buddies Charles and Pearl Hamilton. After Lizzie’s death, Hugh married the widowed Eva M. Cutler – also from Banning – in 1936. They wound up in tony Laughlin Park.