Charleville Boulevard

Clifford Constantine Charleville Tatum (1879-1956) was a powerful real estate agent who, because of his mouthful of a name, went by “C.C.C. Tatum”. Charleville Boulevard, laid out on Tatum’s Wilshire Boulevard tract in 1922, obviously borrows one of his two middle names. (The street begins at Le Doux Road: Tatum’s wife and business partner was born Blanche Le Doux.) Tatum, who hailed from St. Louis, came to Los Angeles with his mother and brothers in 1897 – it’s not clear what happened to dad – and was working in real estate a year later, at 19 years old. He cofounded the Los Angeles Realty Board in 1903 and later served as its president; he also convinced the City of L.A. to change Westlake Park to MacArthur Park in 1942. As for the source of “Charleville”, Tatum’s maternal ancestors included members of the Chauvin/Charleville family, French immigrants who settled near St. Louis way back in the 1730s.